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Physical Therapist

Fort Hood, 76544
Job Responsibilities:
  • Provide assessment, evaluation, and pre-habilitation of musculoskeletal conditions in regards to TACP personnel.
  • Evaluate and provide pre-habilitative maintenance to 13L/1C4 personnel. This shall include the referral of personnel to other staff members that fall within their scope of care.
  • Fully communicate with referring provider (if necessary) in a fully HIPAA compliant fashion during the full duration of sessions with regards to personnel’s progress and return to duty status.
  • Provide each 13L/1C4 an initial appointment as soon as practical. Follow-up appointments will be based on need, pre-habilitative plans, and any potential coordination with members’ military and/or civilian healthcare team.
  • Advise unit commanders on matters related to injury prevention and rehabilitation. Identify opportunities for improvement. Develop protocols and standard operating procedures (SOP) for PT programs.
  • Advise unit commanders of administrative matters, purchasing of supplies and equipment, and supplemental fiscal requests related to interventions and professional services provided.
  • Conduct equipment, product, and literature reviews to ensure that human performance stays current with the provision of care.
  • Provide an evaluation and assessment to the servicing MTF after initial appointment.
  • Refer all personnel under his/her purview (in writing) with a new or undiagnosed medical condition (beyond the scope of the Contractor’s ability) to the servicing MTF for evaluation and care.
  • Refer 13L/1C4 personnel with a duty-limiting disease to the servicing MFT.
  • Provide all forms of primary injury (acute and/or duty-limiting) prevention services, to include but not limited to: physical capacity as well as new member assessments, personnel health education, and nutrition advising.
  • Ensure safe and effective operation of equipment is used for patient care and contribute to a safe working environment.
  • Attend annual required training IAW guiding instructions. Commands will allow for attendance at necessary conferences or courses to complete continuing education units required to maintain certification.
  • Provide Individual Training Plans after initial assessment, and include individual fitness assessment results, feedback sessions, unique training plans, and any modifications to the plan based on the physical performance status of the 13L/1C4 TACP/GA personnel.
    If directed by COR, will assist in documenting care in AHLTA.
  • Provide Human Performance and Pre-habilitative Trending metrics report to include: musculoskeletal pain, duration of pain, origin of pain, types of pain, deployed vs. non- deployed pain, cost analysis of pain pre-habilitation sessions, comparative billing of each pre-habilitation session, pain that requires surgery, and trends of musculoskeletal pain over periods of time. Metrics will also capture lost duty time due to aeromedical disposition of DNIF and DNIC as well as personal removal from training status/duties (i.e. # days). Human Performance metrics shall also be gathered to assess 13D/1T2 compliance with the preventative maintenance program. The factors for the Human Performance metrics will be low back strength, neck strength, and spine strength measured at varying weights and angles as well as number of missions able to execute at a subjective 100% (i.e. not limited by pain). However, these metrics may be adjusted with concurrence of the contractor and Government.  
  • Doctorate degree from an American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) accredited institution specifically for “Physical Therapy.” No other degree will be accepted for this position.
  • Experience working with professional and/or collegiate athletes, or equivalent. A minimum of four (4) years’ experience is desired.
  • Experience working in an orthopedic out-patient physical therapy clinic or sports medicine clinic. A minimum of five (5) years’ experience is desired.
  • Past experience working with combat related injuries is strongly preferred.
  • Possess oral and written communication skills in order to meaningfully interact with peers, outside agencies, vendors, providers, and Military Health System (MHS) stakeholders to exchange information, provide briefings, presentations, research, and metrics to demonstrate or advance effective and efficient case management practice, outcomes, and organizational/MHS value.
  • Skill in team coordination, facilitation, and communication in order to facilitate the exchange of information/ education, enhance goal achievement, augment abilities of client support network, and identify change in system or policy at any level.
  • Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and regulations, professional code of ethics, and practice standards in order to ensure adherence within legal and professional parameters. 
    Knowledge and skill in using pre-established utilization review criteria to recognize and report actual or potential quality and risk management.
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