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Wisconsin Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer with CSCS Certification

Madison, Wisconsin · Government/Military
Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Reef Systems is seeking Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialists to help pilots of the Wisconsin Air National Guard improve their resistance to the extreme forces on their neck and back during fighter aircraft flying operations. The Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialists will be part of a “pre-habilitation” program to prevent disability and pain through neck and back strength and conditioning training. The job will be about 32 hours a week at Truax Field, Madison.
The Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialists will provide performance enhancement, tailored strength and conditioning and preventive maintenance, as well as soft tissue manipulation and joint manipulation and other techniques for injury prevention and rehabilitation. The Athletic Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Specialists also will scientifically evaluate functional movement, muscular balance/stability and the dynamic movements required to fly fighter aircraft, and provide pre-habilitation strength and conditioning training.

Other duties include:
  • Assessing aircrew members’ conditioning with regards to neck and back strength
  • Devising an individual program to increase conditioning to prevent neck and back pain and injury
  • Educating each aircrew member on injury prevention
  • Assisting in injury recovery through a modified program based on the injury
  • Providing preventative services, including soft tissue manipulation and joint manipulation
  • Advising aircrew members to seek care when they have a medical condition or injury requiring medical attention
  • Providing healthy lifestyle education on preventing neck and back injury including nutrition, sleep hygiene and stress management
  • Providing services before and after flight, including soft tissue manipulation, joint manipulation, traction and other techniques for injury prevention and pre-habilitation
  • Leading group workout sessions
  • Collecting, analyzing, and archiving information
  • Managing client appointment schedules
  • Certification as an athletic trainer from the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) and license to practice in Wisconsin
  • Certification by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) or certification by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) or the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) as a Strength and Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) or Master Strength and Conditioning Coach (MSCC) or International Sports Science Association (ISSA) with a Strength and Conditioning Certification (SCC) or equivalent
  • Must be physically proficient to demonstrate all prescribed exercises /techniques
  • Must be able to lift and manipulate load and plates up to 25 kilograms
Truax Field
3110 Mitchell St
Madison, WI 53704

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