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Exercise Psychologist

Fort Riley, KS
Provides Human Performance and Pre-rehabilitative Trending metrics report to include: musculoskeletal pain, duration of pain, origin of pain, types of pain, deployed vs. non- deployed pain, cost analysis of pain pre-rehabilitation sessions, comparative billing of each pre-rehabilitation session, pain that requires surgery, and trends of musculoskeletal pain over periods of time. Metrics will also capture lost duty time due to aeromedical disposition of DNIF and DNIC as well as personal removal from training status/duties (i.e. # days). The factors for the Human Performance metrics will be low back strength, neck strength, and spine strength measured at varying weights and angles as well as number of missions able to execute at a subjective 100% (i.e. not limited by pain).

  • Bachelor's Degree (Master's preferred but not required) in Exercise Science and/or Physical Education (related discipline) with an accredited institution.
  • Possess and maintain Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification.
    Minimum three (3) years of strength and conditioning experience working in collegiate-level team sport athletic programs, national-level (Division 1 Collegiate, professional, or Olympic) athlete populations.
  • Creditable specialized experience includes developing long and short-range planning and coordination of sport/mission specific performance programs resulting in attributable results with competitive athletes (e.g., collegiate, professional, or national-level athletes or SOF-specific tactical professionals.
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