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Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Moody AFB, G
  1. Certified The Contractor is to establish and administer effective strength and conditioning protocols to maximize the physical performance of individual Rescue Operators. These protocols will ensure tactical conditioning by monitoring and resolving performance trends while addressing individual needs. The Contractor shall provide routine fitness reports to the appointed commander/representative and maintain a professional relationship with the operators’ medical support staff to resolve problem areas outside their scope.
    1. Subtasks. The Contractor shall:
 Perform initial evaluation, design individual training program, and establish records for all CRO/PJ/HH-60 personnel within 90 days of contract start. 
  1. Coordinate individualized exercise programs with the organization to ensure a safe and expeditious return to training of individuals recovering from injury.Design and implement physical training programs to ensure proper functional movement fitness routines for each individual CRO/PJ to increase energy systems development, strength training, and power development.Perform routine (at least monthly) pre- and post- evaluations that will determine arm/leg/abdomen/hip girth measurements and functional movement screening that will determine CRO/PJ/HH-60 personnel’s ability to move efficiently.Perform routine (once a quarter) performance testing that includes the following minimum (these tests are in addition to any mandated Air Force testing):Energy System Development/VO2 max testing (Government-owned equipment), Vertical Jump, Grip Strength, and 90 Degree Static back extension test.Administer Rescue Operator Fitness Test.Conduct Rescue Operator Functional movement max performance Fitness Assessments.Provide instruction and guidance to individuals on physical conditioning and injury prevention.
  1. Collaborate with registered dietician to provide routine (once a month) nutrition education and evaluation for each individual CRO/PJ/HH-60 personnel to increase performance and transform body compositions.Refer all personnel under his/her purview (in writing) with a new or undiagnosed medical condition (beyond the scope of the contractor’s ability) to seek medical attention at the servicing MTF for evaluation and treatment.Contact the COR in writing with any issues related to operator scheduling, training, and deployment cycles.
  1. Attend weekly staff meeting with squadron commander to review and evaluate physical training programs and identify opportunities for improvement.
  1. Assist with physical conditioning/rehabilitation supply inventories.
  1. Perform administrative duties, such as maintaining records of workload, conducting or participating in education programs, and participating in clinical staff quality assurance functions.
  1. Provide input to organization regarding supply needs and optimal equipment.
  2. Ensure equipment and facilities are properly organized, utilized, and are in safe working condition.
  3. If directed by COR, will assist in documenting care in AHLTA.
  1. Provide Human Performance and Pre-habilitative Trending metrics report to include: musculoskeletal pain, duration of pain, origin of pain, types of pain, deployed vs. non- deployed pain, cost analysis of pain pre-habilitation sessions, comparative billing of each pre-habilitation session, pain that requires surgery, and trends of musculoskeletal pain over periods of time. Metrics will also capture lost duty time due to aeromedical disposition of DNIF and DNIC as well as personal removal from training status/duties (i.e. # days). Human Performance metrics shall also be gathered to assess 1T2/13D/11H/1A9 compliance with the preventative maintenance program. The factors for the Human Performance metrics will be low back strength, neck strength, and spine strength measured at varying weights and angles as well as number of missions able to execute at a subjective 100% (i.e. not limited by pain). However, these metrics may be adjusted with concurrence of the contractor and Government.
  2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs).
    1. Possess a Master’s degree in an accredited exercise science, health science, or physical education-related discipline.
    2. Possess a minimum of five (5) years’ of experience.
    3. Demonstrate sustained experience working with elite athlete populations is highly desired. Creditable specialized experience includes: coordination of Special Operation Personnel (SOP) specific performance programs and developing long and short-range planning and coordination of sport/mission specific performance programs resulting in attributable results with elite athletes (i.e. Division I collegiate, Olympic, professional level athletes or SOF-specific tactical professionals).
    4. Possess and maintain current certification by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) or be a licensed AT. Maintenance of this certification shall be an enduring element of the requirement.
    5. Possess current certification in basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to include Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training.
  1. Possess oral and written communication skills in order to meaningfully interact with peers, outside agencies, vendors, providers, and Military Health System (MHS) stakeholders to exchange information, provide briefings, presentations, research, and metrics to demonstrate or advance effective and efficient case management practice, outcomes, and organizational/MHS value.
  1. Skill in team coordination, facilitation, and communication in order to facilitate the exchange of information/ education, enhance goal achievement, augment abilities of client support network, and identify change in system or policy at any level.
  1. Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and regulations, professional code of ethics, and practice standards in order to ensure adherence within legal and professional parameters.
  1. Knowledge and skill in using per-established utilization review criteria to recognize and report actual or potential quality and risk management issues in order to improve practice and ensure compliance.
  1. Knowledge and skills in the use of VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guidelines in order to insure an evidence-based standardized process of care to military beneficiaries.
  1. Skill in use of research tools in order to critically evaluate existing practices, opportunities, and outcomes.
  1. Knowledge of computers and software applications in order to conduct data collection, tracking, trending, and analysis.
  1. Ability to design and present computer-generated outcome analysis information in order to provide timely and effective peer and higher level educational programs or project briefings.
  2. Knowledge of community resources, patient entitlement/benefit eligibility, and ability to access these resources in order to assist patients in optimizing their level of function and self-care.
Ability to meet physical demands of training with GA/HH-60 personnel including the ability to hike over rough terrain and function in austere environments to observe training evolution and the ability to assist with strength and conditioning testing and training protocols, and lift and manipulate loads or weights up to 55 pounds
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