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Special Warfare Logistical & Inventory Support Specialist

Lackland AFB, TX · Government/Military
The Special Warfare Logistical & Inventory Support Specialist analyzes and coordinates the logistical functions of the Special Warfare Courses. They are responsible for the entire life cycle of a product, including acquisition, distribution, internal allocation, delivery, and final disposal of resources. Ultimately, the selected candidate will be motivated by the desire to optimize productivity and nurture program success from inception to completion.
Objectives of this Role
  • Coordinate with the course Program Manager (PM) to ensure that students receive the necessary gear/equipment required for training.
  • Direct, develop, and perform logistic management operations that involve planning, coordinating, and evaluating the logistical actions required to support the Special Warfare Courses.
  • Coordinate with Special Warfare course leadership or the course PM on facilities, budget, transportation, and procurement functions. Integrate the separate functions of planning and implementing into a logistics management program.
  • Prepare special and periodic reports that involve compiling data from a number of sources.
  • Recommend specific requirements for inventory levels and material and correlate those requirements with program plans to ensure that the required materials are provided at the right time and place.
Daily and Monthly Responsibilities
  • Provide general office support to facilitate contract performance to include, but not limited to, completing data calls, answering phone calls, drafting business memos, providing timely correspondence, and requesting office materials.
  • Provide clerical and administrative support to facilitate daily coordination.
  • Create, modify, and input student and course-related data for tracking into several different databases while maintaining current information in each one.
  • Maintain daily student count, track missed events, annotate student actions, and keep all staff informed of any changes that occur throughout the day.
  • Maintain and update Recall Roster, PowerPoint presentations, and official correspondence for Program Manager, Active Duty personnel, and coaches.
  • Prepare and distribute Meeting Minutes.
  • Proofread and review work for accuracy, correctness, and completeness.
  • Assist with all administrative and office functions.
Skills and Qualifications
  • Possess a High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Possess specialized knowledge of logistic support activities, including, but not limited to, maintaining an inventory of all student and instructor equipment, as well as Government property.
  • Possess working knowledge of agency program planning, funding, and management information systems (computer programs), as well as a broad knowledge of logistical support.
  • Possess knowledge of acquisition processes, automated records, control systems, material substitution criteria, and storage, issue, and disposal processes.
  • Proficient understanding and working knowledge of computers, e-mail, voice mail, and cell phone texts to perform duties. Additionally, be proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to 4.5.
Preferred Qualifications
  • Automated Logistics Information Systems experience is preferred.
San Antonio, Texas

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